A RimTop Placed on a wooden rack
Some different shape Left Bolts in black color
Some different shape Right Bolts in black color

We supply the best-quality “weld overlay” brake rims and hardened rim bolts available in the market today. We do not build “flame hardened” brake rims like some of our competitors. Our process begins with domestic steel—not castings. The yield strength averages between 41,000 and 44,000 lbs. We supply MTR’s on our steel upon request. Our weld overlay rims are hard faced using a submerged-arc welding process; the hardness averages 47RC.

We stock the most requested sets of brake rims (also known as drums/flanges) in our Houston warehouse—ready for immediate delivery. We offer expedited production and delivery of almost any brake rim you may need. Special hardened brake rim bolts are always in stock.

40+ Years of Manufacturing Knowledge – Weld Over-lay NOT Flame Hardened – Specially Machined & Hardened Bolts

Most Popular Sets In Stock – Fast Deliveries